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Yeah, this one is an important chapter in the story. Especially part II. But to tease a little bit and because this chapter is quite long, I split this one in two parts. Stay tuned, next part is comming up real soon. The pics are already there and all is written. All I have to do is to upload....
I think it is almost a year ago I made some lingerie for my female simmies. After all that time I still think I did a great job comparing to other things I see offered. But there are some flaws, not that noticable at first. When you have a better monitor or graphic card you suddenly see the bumpmap of the swimsuit. So I will redo my lingerie project
It took me more time than expected to finish this chapter. The game hates my Simmie! Alone in the past 4 times I started the game, she got a meteorite on her head, on her house and so on. Donno why. Actually I have already a mod to reduce the chance of a meteorite to zero, but this mod sucks (sorry for the one who made this, it d
I forgot to mention that I finished some chapters, or perhaps something went wrong publishing. Just now I lost what I wrote, so this the second try.
Anyway you can go ahead.
Now Chapter 8 isn't that special, but it is the beginnen of Bijou's adult life. A sort of in between chapter.
I was a little too optimistic about taking pics and finishing the chapter. So that took me another day extra. But one problem I have solved for good: Now I have enough space because I learned how to move my downloads folder, were all the custom content is stored. It was a tip I got from a forumvisitor at Granthess' forum.

No nakedness, but a few 'bad' words. (actually I hate the word 'bitch')
I have finished writing chapter 5. But taking pics is a different story due to problems with the patterns using the Custom Launcher V2. I'm still very fond of the programm, but it has some issues. Once you know how to cope with them, is's no problem anymore, so the rest of the chapter will be there soon.

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