The title can't be more clear. 
I will only translate and use the screenshots. Maybe - once I have a new gaming pc - I will try to finish the story. But I'm not sure about that. I probably have to rebuild almost everything....
But for now this will be my new project. 
I will put the link to my Tumblr here. (have to copy paste it, I will be back
I'm happy to share these poses with you. I will be using it in the story some day. Before that you can already have them.
I hope you like them!!
I'm really proud at my first couple pose. Think they are really cute. It took me about a week  to get them right and to master the making of the poselist. Hope you will enjoy the poses!
This is the result after one day of struggle. Although there are already many creators who make beautifull poses, I wanted to learn it myself, in order to make my own poses for the story.

For the moment I will not upload this pose, however if asked (nicely ;-)), I wil up.

Furthermore I wil write a Dutch tutorial on my other blog, based on the english written tut by Orangemittens (MTS). As usual with lots of screens and clearly explained. But I'm no expert. So check my other blog.

In this blog you can find tutorials for Sims 3. Explained in a easy way with lots of screens. And yes there are lots of tutorials, I know, but this one is special. It is in Dutch. Sometimes English is quite difficult when it comes to special expressions and jargon.
This is the link where you can find it:
And I recommandate CC Magic by GrantHes. It's a wonderfull programm that helps you to prevent game lag when you have a considerable amount of custom content. It also enables you to manage you custom content. So check my blog for explaination and visit MTS to download CC Magic.
Yeah, this one is an important chapter in the story. Especially part II. But to tease a little bit and because this chapter is quite long, I split this one in two parts. Stay tuned, next part is comming up real soon. The pics are already there and all is written. All I have to do is to upload....
I think it is almost a year ago I made some lingerie for my female simmies. After all that time I still think I did a great job comparing to other things I see offered. But there are some flaws, not that noticable at first. When you have a better monitor or graphic card you suddenly see the bumpmap of the swimsuit. So I will redo my lingerie project
It took me more time than expected to finish this chapter. The game hates my Simmie! Alone in the past 4 times I started the game, she got a meteorite on her head, on her house and so on. Donno why. Actually I have already a mod to reduce the chance of a meteorite to zero, but this mod sucks (sorry for the one who made this, it d
I forgot to mention that I finished some chapters, or perhaps something went wrong publishing. Just now I lost what I wrote, so this the second try.
Anyway you can go ahead.
Now Chapter 8 isn't that special, but it is the beginnen of Bijou's adult life. A sort of in between chapter.
I was a little too optimistic about taking pics and finishing the chapter. So that took me another day extra. But one problem I have solved for good: Now I have enough space because I learned how to move my downloads folder, were all the custom content is stored. It was a tip I got from a forumvisitor at Granthess' forum.

No nakedness, but a few 'bad' words. (actually I hate the word 'bitch')

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