The title can't be more clear. 
I will only translate and use the screenshots. Maybe - once I have a new gaming pc - I will try to finish the story. But I'm not sure about that. I probably have to rebuild almost everything....
But for now this will be my new project. 
I will put the link to my Tumblr here. (have to copy paste it, I will be back
Today I finished chapter 3. Sorry, it took me some time to get the pictures for this chapter. And of course I rewrote some parts. Plz, your comments, remarks or what ever. (dat mag ook in het Nederlands ;-) )
Yes, I've also finished chapter 2. And yes it is in Dutch. Of course I will not be uploading this often in the future. Part of the story is ready, but a big part isn't. I even haven't figured out yet how to proceed, which storyline I will folow.

This part is rated 16+, mildly sexual language used

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