I have finished writing chapter 5. But taking pics is a different story due to problems with the patterns using the Custom Launcher V2. I'm still very fond of the programm, but it has some issues. Once you know how to cope with them, is's no problem anymore, so the rest of the chapter will be there soon.
I've been editing this chapter several times. Writing and re-writing. It took me quite some time, not to mention the picture taking. In the end I'm reasonably satisfied with the pics now, but perhaps this chapter is a bit too soft. Let me know what you think.
Today I finished chapter 3. Sorry, it took me some time to get the pictures for this chapter. And of course I rewrote some parts. Plz, your comments, remarks or what ever. (dat mag ook in het Nederlands ;-) )
Today I was looking at perhaps a zillion pictures I have on my pc. Accidently I found some stuff I made earlier for SimsNieuws: a tunic for girls, a X-mas winterdress, thights and boots to go with the dress. So there are the links to SN if you want to download them.
The general link to SimsNieuws. Many people already know that it is a Dutch fansite. All kind of news about the Sims you can find there.
Yes, I've also finished chapter 2. And yes it is in Dutch. Of course I will not be uploading this often in the future. Part of the story is ready, but a big part isn't. I even haven't figured out yet how to proceed, which storyline I will folow.

This part is rated 16+, mildly sexual language used
Today I published chapter 1, in Dutch for the time being. I hope you like it! Please give also you comments (commentaar welkom)
I'm not sure wether to address you all in English of just in Dutch. Anyway, you can let me know what you prefer. But maybe my English will not be all that good as I'm Dutch. Sorry for that. (or just leave a message pointing out my mistakes)

At this moment I'm busy writing and taking pictures for a story. But there are also moments when I lack inspiration or I just have to do some real boring things like the laundry, cooking or clean the house. My real living relatives are certainly more important to me than the digital ones. This means that my updates will not be always in time.

I have been planning to do this for a long time, as I was inspired by all the story makers. But I'm easily distracted for I like doing lots of creative things. So I will sometimes link to my silverforging work or silverclay projects.

Back to the subject. My story will be rated. Not that I'm planning to write an excessive erotic or pornographic story or will use real realistic violence. I will warn you though at each if my language will be rough or my pictures are not suitable for minors. My opinion on this is that censuring in advance will ruin the liberty of creating. But that's a different story, I will not bother you further with my ideas about censuring and so on.

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